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      類型:英語閱讀    時間:2021-09-02    訪問76次
      1.Letting the party go on a little too long1.吃喝玩樂的時間略長
      Sure, your 20s is usually a life period where you're pretty free of responsibilities, and many of us use that time to enjoy life and go a little wild. But take this too far and you will regret it, warn a number of Quora users.確實,20多歲通常是人的一生中最無拘無束的時期,而且很多同齡人都會選擇在這段時期享受生活甚至干點瘋狂的事情。但是時間長了你就會后悔了,Quora上許多答主都這么提出警告。

      2.Living the life your parents want for you, not the one you want2.過著父母希望你過的生活,而不是你自己想過的生活
      One of the top regrets of seniors is following others' expectations for their life rather than their own dreams and preferences.對于年紀稍長的人來說,他們后悔的其中一件事情就是活在他人的期待之中,而不是自己的夢想和喜好。

      3.Working on a relationship before you work on yourself3.在能夠獨立自理前就經營一段感情
      According to both everyday wisdom and reams of research, love is central to happiness. But you can't really form a quality relationship with someone else until you have your own self sorted, caution several Quora respondents. Rush things and you'll just end up in a regrettable muddle.根據日常智慧與大量的研究表明,幸福最為重要的因素就是愛。但是,只有當你能夠完全獨立,你才能與他人建立一段良好的關系,許多Quora答主是這么回答的。沖動魯莽只會使你陷入后悔的泥潭。

      4.Confusing a job and a career4.混淆職業與事業的概念
      Your 20s are almost always a decade of professional growth. Several respondents cautioned that you can slow that process if you're not clear with yourself about the value of any particular gig.
      You can regret either under- or over investing in your work, the lesson seems to be. What you won't regret is being clear-eyed about your longer-term professional trajectory and whether today's effort is serving your goals, whatever they may be.你可能會后悔,要么是對工作投入不足,要么是過度投入,這似乎是一個教訓。但你不會后悔的是能夠看清自己的長期職業發展軌道,以及今天的努力能否為你的目標服務,無論是什么目標。

      5.Not exercising5.缺少運動
      Your body is at its peak when you're young. Keep it healthy, or you'll soon regret it.你的身體在你年輕的時候處于鼎盛時期。所以你得保持身體健康,否則以后你就會后悔了。
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