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      1. Eat less: the 80% rule少吃:八分飽原則
      According to the Okinawans, you should eat until you’re 80% full. Okinawans call this rule “Hara Hachi Bu”. Here’s a simple fact: it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to inform your brain that you’re full. So when you start to feel like you’re kinda full, you probably are hitting the limit of your appetite.
      2. Eat slowly & chew more細嚼慢咽
      Digesting your food actually starts in your mouth. So the more you chew, the better you can digest the food when it reaches your stomach. Tip: Don’t hold anything in your hands while you’re chewing. So tonight, I challenge you to put down your cutlery and just focus on chewing while you’re eating.
      3. Create a consistent eating routine吃飯有規律
      When your body doesn’t know when it’s getting food again, your body will go full “survival mode”. Your body will start storing every meal as fat in fear of running out of energy reserve. None of us want that. But how frequent should you eat? Some people say eating every 2 to 3 hours is the way to go. Others say intermittent fasting works for them. Others eat like the kidsconsistent eating routine. Whatever works for your body.
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