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      當我老了When I am Old

      類型:英語作文    時間:2021-03-11    訪問239次
      My parents always say that they want to be old soon, so that they can retired and travel around the world. Many people have made plans for their future, so they look forward to the retired life. While for me, I want to live with my family member and find some activities, like dance or sing in the group. What a leisure life. 我的父母總是說,他們想快點變老,這樣他們就可以退休,周游世界。許多人計劃著他們的未來,所以他們期待退休的生活。而對我來說,我想和我的另一半一起生活,參加一些活動,比如和團體唱歌或者跳舞。多么休閑的生活啊。
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