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      國際運動The International Sport

      類型:英語作文    時間:2021-03-11    訪問203次
      There is no doubt that football is No. 1 sport in the world. People from all around the world are so crazy about this match. In China, a lot of people stay up all the night just to watch the football match from TV. The fans from different areas make up the group just to support their teams. These fans sit together and cheer for their idols. It is such a great moment for them. Though the football level in China is below the international, more and more teenagers work on this field and they fight for the country’s future. This year, the football team has won some important matches and win respect from the world.毫無疑問,足球是世界上排名第一的運動。來自世界各地的人們都為足球瘋狂。在中國,很多人熬夜在電視上看足球比賽。來自不同地區的球迷組成團隊,來支持他們的球隊。這些球迷們坐在一起,為他們的偶像加油。這是一個偉大的時刻。盡管中國的足球水平低于國際,但是越來越多的青少年從事這個領域,他們為國家的未來而奮斗。今年,足球隊贏得了一些重要的比賽,贏得了世界的尊重。
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